March 13, 2008

Sweet Copypasta, and Law and Order.

Alright, alright, I'm like a little short of being a total TV junkie. TV comprises up to 30% of my day, which is sad in a way. I love obscure little movies, I love MSTing the hell out of shit, I like...watching...movies and TV. YES.

Anyhow, I wound up watching The Day After Tomorrow today, and I JUST learned it's by the same fool that did 10,000 BC (and Independence Day...and Godzilla...there's a pattern emerging). And...suddenly it all makes sense, his movies that is.

Anyway, I can't stand TDAT. It's just...stupid. Really nice special effects and drama, but little else. Can I get a science check on that movie? Seriously, at it's worse I don't think global warming would do half the shit going on in that movie. Hurricanes forming over LAND? Deathly freezing temperatures? Tornadoes tearing Los Angeles in half? ("That's a tornado!") In like...a week? Are you kidding me? We'd have to fuck up the planet something awful for that to happen...AND the Earth would have to be hurtling towards the sun. With COMETS.

It fails as a preachy message too, saying basically that if we don't clean up our act we're going to get massive 200 ft/60 m waves right in the face for our insubordinance. Bleh, bring it on Nature. It's true we do need to clean up our act or else start looking for a new place to live (what's up, Mars?), but you also have to take into account that the 200 ft/60 m waves wouldn't even be happening for, like, 100 years. Not 2 fucking weeks, that's really, really, really drastic.

Anyway, that movie got picked to death for it's lack of scientific basis AND threadbare entertainment value when it came out in 2004. And it's nice to see 10,000 BC is basically getting the same treatment. You'd have to be some special kind of crazy for wooly mammoths in the freaking desert. The desert. Don't you wonder why wooly mammoths are wooly? It wasn't because they were avoiding the sun!111!

*drinks some green tea*

Uh, speaking of my chronic TV/movie habit, a new episode of Most Evil is coming on at 9. For once I'll catch it on time :D (I have not the benefit of TiVO) It's about...gangs. Gangs...evil? Well the last episode was about redemption, and that was hardly about the scale of evil the show is based on at all. But I'm addicted ;_;

About Law & Order, you may have heard that this is probably its last season :/ and you know what, it might as well be. For god's sake, nearly everyone we know and love on that show (or, at least I know and love) is either dead, running for president (or failing, Mr. Thompson), or just leaving. Who are these hip-looking young people? There were only 3 reasons I really watched Law & Order in the first place (4 if you count the addition of Det. Green):

  1. Jerry Orbach
  2. Watching Sam Waterson/Jack McCoy go unrealistically far off the deep end
  3. I'm addicted to crime shows.

And now 2 of those reasons have been taken away from me. Away! Ah, one of my favorite shows is basically on its last leg, and since Det. Green is leaving (damn if I can remember that actor's name), it won't have a final leg to stand on after this season. Give it a rest, Dick Wolf, let it die :/ you've still got SVU and Criminal Intent. And my undying love and adoration. Hooray :D

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