March 9, 2008

Drugs? In my drinking water?

Well this morning I saw two water related stories that amused me half to death, one about Iraq water making US troops sick, and a stunning array of chemicals found in US drinking water:
This takes me back to the movie Dr Strangelove, in which the basic plot of the movie was a soldier going crazy after discovering he was...impotent shall we say. Why? Because, obviously, the Ruskies were contaminating the water and fucking with his man mojo. So what did he do? Bomb Russia! Hijinks ensued.
It also brings me back to my schooling. A cardinal rule of attending public school is, for christ's sake, don't drink the fountain water. My 9th grade year, a certain area of the school became notorious for having--get this--yellow water. Like, literally.
This all, of course, leads me to believe that maybe that crazy soldier wasn't so crazy after all...
But, seriously, we all know there's chemicals in water anyway. I mean, go buy a plant and water it three times and tell me it doesn't die in a week. But this AP investigation found (and I'm quoting the article I'm reading, I swear I'll link it eventually) "mood stabilizers, sex hormones, antibiotics..." in the drinking water of 41 million homes. Whaaat?
On one hand, those are all good things...kinda. On the other hand, what the hell are they doing in MY WATER?
You can really blame the people that take this anti-depressants, aspirin, and antibiotics, as when its flushed out their bodies it somehow winds up in our drinking water.
And you thought fluoride was bullshite...anyway, I think that's all I have to ramble on about for right now. I'm saving up for making a post about the new EPIC CGI CHOCKED MOVIE 10,000 BC in which I'll be begging you not to see it (if you haven't yet).

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