March 9, 2008

T. R. Xands?

Hi, good evening :D my name is Xands. Of course, like many residents of the internet I don't go by my real name, but a fake name. Xands is sort of my nome de plume or nome de tout really (I don't speak French :/).

So first, my name because I'm all egotistical and weird like that.

Anyway, T. R. Xands came about when I had a little Roman naming fit and gave myself a latin-ish title befiting a king :P literally, it's all noble and shit. The full thing is Titus Renatus Alexandros, and Alexandros is actually Greek anyway so yeah. me Xands. Or Lex, actually, if you want to :O Lex S is sort of an injoke and you missed it so hah.

So anyway, I'm a self-styled author, artist (I paint, sculpt, all that goodness), and I generally just like to gab and gab until my mouth falls off. I was political until I just gave up the ghost a few years ago. This isn't my big political statement but more of a place where I can do what I like (mostly) and just be in peace.

I'll be posting my writings here :/ I'm a weird author, I don't write in any particular genre and I often just do shit on a whim, which is a serious fatal flaw for me. I like internet memes too, for some reason, a lesser fatal flaw.

On that note, I'm a weird artist too...I guess what I do could be called abstract? I don't really like the term "abstract", it makes me think of a child throwing ketchup on a wall.

It's so weird when you've got so many influences to incorporate in work. I mean, I didn't even discover I had "artistic talent" (hoo boy) until 8th grade, and now that I look back on it, the things I've done since then are pretty fantastic. So I'm a novice, I've also done some badass shite.

I'm an avid reader as well btw, and an even more avid TV/movie watcher and music listener, and sometimes you'll see me do reviews :D I think I do pretty decent reviews, I try not to spoil and just assume you'll check out whatever I be reviewin'. I think reviews are best when you just give a simple opinion without trying to look all hip and snazzy with your stupid one-liners. Actually, I think Life itself is better that way.

So, about this blog, this is my "professional thing". I'm on Livejournal too ( but--wait, wait, come back! Let me explain.

I'm on LJ but I just want something a little more snazzy looking I guess. I mean, my layout over there is pretty pimp and all and I post like a monkey on speed, but I don't get a lot of feedback over there and frankly LJ's policies are starting to freak me out a bit (me, a P--ahhh internet police!). I just decided it was time I...better separated my angsty life from my less than angsty artistic pursuits yes yes?

Let's green layout is meant to put you at ease, gentle reader :D if green is the color of mouring or war in your country, then I'm sorry.

Lastly, the...Control Voice plz to your right that you probably didn't even notice. That's just the opening narration to the show The Outer Limits and I just tweaked with it a bit. Can I get sued for that? Can I?

Okay, I think that's about it for this post. See? I can go on and on about nothing. NOTHING AT ALL. Put on your helmet because shit is gonna be falling around here (did I mention I curse a bit?) for a while, as I figure this thing out and make adjustments. Well get some real posts eventual.

Oh, you're wondering about my title. Well, you're here aren't you? ...Aren't you? Well here we are :/

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