March 25, 2010

What does culture mean to me

Chally prompted me (me, personally, no one else) with this post, "What Does Culture Mean to You?"

(break it down for us Xands)

Which cultures are you a part of? What are your associations with the word?

This is a fun question often, for me, because it brings up the line between cultures I reckon/would like to be part of and what cultures I'm indelibly tied too e.g they PUT ME THERE.

So let's see let's see... I am American of African descent, therefore I would be part of African-American culture AKA black culture aka "urban" (what). I grew up in the nineties so I am presumedly part of Generation ____. I've been called a white black person because I am nerdy & geeky and some other stuff but I don't know if that's a culture more so that it is a...tribe or something. Oh & I'm an alt rocking black person and queer.

Is culture based in race/ethnicity for you? In nationality? In class? In community with fellow hobbyists? In your neighbourhood? Or what? 

All of the above (save my neighborhood, we' & drug dealers) 

Where do you find culture, and where do you find community in your life? 

It sometimes finds me but I feel like I never find it, save for fevered searching on the internet because I like that sense of belonging.

How is culture tied to family? How is culture tied to location? 

My family is a little older so they wouldn't let me do a lot of the hood rat young kid stuff that occurs in the places in which I reside, also my family is uhhh black. And at least on my mom's side that means pretty strong ties.

How is culture tied to oppression? How much is culture something you claim and how much are you plonked in it? Why and how does it come about?

I don't do my best thinking outside the shower so let me try this--the strong family ties on my mom's side is because they are close knit and pretty small. My dad's family is a little scattered for various reasons. I can only speak about those I'm part of and you'll notice I generally go in sub-cultures which are mostly aimed at subverting mainstream culture, maaan.
Except in many of these cultures I participate in my skin color is a hazard because what are they, after all, but microcosms of mainstream culture at large? Outside of the black/ghetto/urban thing and other parts of me that are immediately relevant, I personally claim about...maybe half, the other half is just what I'm told. Because people like boxes I guess.

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