March 8, 2010

Hello Brooklyn, how you doin

Hello Blogger posse,

I know, I've been treating you like second class what with disappearing off the Earth and Tumblr reposts.

...Yeeeah. Xands is sorry.

So I'm on Spring Vacation which means I should have less fresh shit to talk about and more rambling fever dreams, I don't know if this is good or bad really (it may just be the same). I still have a retrospective of David Cronenberg's career to share with you all because I need a solid reason to have head exploding Youtube clips.

Also my official Blogiversary--2 years!--was Friday. I wanted to do a big to-do like usual but I was too busy shopping and spending hundreds of dollars I don't have on stuff I need.

I said I was going to rob a bank/bakery and this year in this economy I really thought about it, but as it turns out a distant person in my family's social circle robbed not one, not two, but three banks and eventually got caught on the third one, so...uhh, no more of that for me.

Well, in the mean time don't forget my Tumblr and my Twitter where I post pretty pictures and make bad jokes and life observations respectively.

Love always,


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