March 7, 2010

Drive by product review: Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Collection

FINALLY there's a Carol's Daughter section in our local (lol) Dillard's (in the mall)! So I researched a little last night and found out the Black Vanilla Collection would be safe for my color treated hair. So far I've been using Cantu from Walmart (shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner) which for those of us without millions of dollars is still pretty cool.

Anyway, I bought the shampoo & hair smoothie but they were out of the leave in spray conditioner so I got some hair milk.


I washed my hair and the shampoo is OMG YUMMY smelling and made my hair really soft! I wasn't too sold on the hair smoothie just yet though, it didn't make my hair very easy to comb through and it feels kind of ehhh *waffles hand from side to side* but my hair is still wet and sometimes conditioners take a while to take hold in my hair anyway (it's pretty dry), it's feeling softer & softer as it dries. I'm going to do some more twists with my Cantu leave in conditioner & call it a night. I think my only complaint so far is the price, it's kind of steep--but I just looked at how much shampoo & conditioner I used on my hair and I'm thinking it may not be so bad considering I wash my hair roughly once a week, looks like it will stretch a bit.

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