January 16, 2010

Kill me.

So lately I've decided to just give in and be the vapid, self absorbed cunt that I am.

I'm back in school, obviously, and after a pretty nice day couple of days I'm back to hating everything about this campus. My new room mate is pretty sweet but she's also a grossly misinformed feminist hater. I really care more about the "tool" part. She also keeps declaring things she doesn't like "gay".

I didn't say I didn't like her, compared to the other fucking fools I've had to stay with she's on the lower scale of "badness", but my New Year's resolution was supposed to be me not "taking it anymore". Ehh.

Someone thanked me yesterday for not being the "typical" liberal and I didn't stop to ask what she meant. I guess it was because I'm skeptical of typical crunchy granola liberal practices? We can all afford to be skeptical of what Big _____ tells us to do, I thought that was utterly dumb but I thanked her.

I used the snow to wipe the caked mud from my shoes because I'm afraid of tracking it around every where. I've got really distinct boot prints so they'd know it's me. They're so big they take up floor space.

I think I can still make everything alright this semester if I actually quit trying to make them better. You're wondering why I don't correct her language or try to inform her? Because I'm tired of that shit completely. People are so useless to me most of the time they're not even worth changing. Obviously I don't like her being so derogatory, but it's one jaded black chick against the word of privilege. My feelings are best described in song.

So lately I've decided to just give in and be the vapid, self absorbed cunt that I am. Foolish, foolish, stupid bitch keep your mouth shut and get yourself up by your bootstraps already

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