December 15, 2009

You in it?

Oh I changed my mind. Well I was reading this post and I thought, "wow thanks for guilt tripping me into action!" Almost.

Waaait a minute.

Well, first I thought, man there HAS been a lot of silence in the other-folks-of-color blogosphere on this particular news story and that made me mad. But also I must have gotten my back up somewhere because I immediately started thinking how tired I am interracial fighting when, in theory, we're supposed to at least sort of be on the same front.

I mean, admit it: Asians--and I mean ALL Asians, whatever you think of as Asian--are still acceptable targets in this dear country of ours, by people of all races. How often do we make fun of those wacky Indian store owners or those ker-razy Chinese accents?

I'm starting to think we're only theoretically all in it for liberation. Some of us have proven that we're only in it for some of the population and the rest can go to hell. There's a lot of us like that actually--then sometimes we work on one front for so long we forget about, oh, I dunno, intersectionality. Buzzword, just know it. We forget how to talk to each other across comprehensive spheres, across lived experiences.

Oh but don't get myopic again, don't say "well if this happened to a black person--" because that's where you're wrong. It probably does and you know damn good and well about as much would happen if it were negro, don't you? Don't you? Don't you?

So now I'm pissed right. I'm thinking, "We're all, unfortunately, under the foot of the dominant class and instead of fighting and failing each other we should--"

but that's too much to ask, isn't it? Isn't it? Roll eyes, take aspirin because I've got a headache, don't think about it anymore because I want it to go away. Get frustrated because we're too entangled in ropes never shall be free etc.

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