December 7, 2009

It's no longer NaNoWriMo

But! That doesn't mean we can't have fun.

So, obviously, National Novel Writing Month ended 11:59 Nov 30th, and if you look at my sidebar you'll see I WAS A FUCKING WINNER.


But as I also mentioned, I'm not quite done with the story. I threatened to continue updating here but it may be a little more sporadically, not so much because I've lost steam but since I'm not so worried about word count anymore, I can hopefully craft a better story so editing isn't such a beeyatch.

So let me re-introduce myself to myself: this is my untitled NaNoWriMo project. I'm taking title donations STILL if you look over to the sidebar and under my NaNoWidget link. Drop a donation in the box or I'll haunt you like the Salvation Army.

(I love the Salvation Army man fuck y'all. Get me one of dem bells.)

If you think you want to catch up with what you've missed & you don't want to spend about 30 minutes of your life hunting for excerpts, here's the whole folder. Just keep in mind you don't get my funny commentary and the sets are varying degrees of fragmented.

I have another set of news: since, for the sake of word count & plot I decided there must be some erotica porn of the male, if you think you want to tell your friends & relatives you read ankle sex and other odd positions, this is the "eros" folder.

Lastly, back to editing, I've been thinking of taking up NaNo's CreateSpace offer, in which I can have a free proof copy to give to the family for Christmas or sell. This is only after extensive editing however. I've always wanted to self publish--or be published period, really--and I'm clearly not in the shit for money so if I think I have a decent enough product, why not? I'll get back to you on that like, next year before June though.

And that's about it. If you like mystery with your tea I'll probably resume excerpt posts after my exams & school are over, so around the 20th or something.

That's it. I've fluff posted enough I think.

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