December 8, 2009

International fail time: Switzerland stand up!

So I've been meaning to do this for a while, but really I'm just now getting downtime so I thought I'd do this in between naps.

I've been keeping up with Switzerland's right-wing People's Party and its blatant discrimination against Muslim population there. Let me first defer you to this great analysis at Stuff White People Do: deflect attention from their own bigotry with other examples.

To sum up what's going on here, first SVP convinced the Swiss people that minarets are apparently a bad and horrible symbol of religion and thus should be banned. Right. Now they're actually trying to outlaw mosques, and the Christian Democratic Party wants away with Jewish AND Muslim cemeteries. 

Okay, I've been reading on this and I'm not going to pretend like I'm an expert at the politics involved with this but you just have to stop and ask yourself: what the fuck are you doing Switzerland? (Not all of you of course, but someone needs to come get their friends)

All I see here is upfront xenophobia and discrimination--good lord you aren't even trying to disguise it; first it was easy because it seems that everyone suddenly hates Islam--or rather, fundamentalist Islam because see we're not bigots they are with their bombs and shit! But trying to get rid of certain cemeteries doesn't even make any sense.

Goodness. I thought atheists were supposed to be the angry ones--you're trying to keep dead people of a certain belief from being buried! The hell? I felt about the same way when France decided it wanted to ban the burka--as much as I'd much prefer we all just be nice and secular and rational, I also don't want to infringe on the rights of others, and yes, that includes religion. You're infringing on rights, I don't really care what you think you're doing, this is actually what you're doing.

Man, remember the days when people just politely hid their bigotry? I need to lay down.

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