November 11, 2009

Your Wednesday NaNoWriMo fucked upness

Before I introduce these latest excerpt sets for you, let me just head up a new disclaimer.

Warning: Shit gets real in these chapters. Really real.

I think I mentioned here that I was sexually abused as a child, and if I didn't/you forgot, now you know/remember. When I wrote this part I somehow channeled an Electra complex I don't have, but that got annoying and really unwieldy to write. But I finished it.

Then I broke the cardinal rule of NaNoWriMo. I EDITED THE CHAPTER.

Oh I didn't remove much, I actually boosted my word could 1000 more words by the time I was done, but still. There are just some things I can't sacrifice and all that mumbo jumbo was highly unsatisfactory.

...however, I somehow made this even more uncomfortably close to my life and it mysteriously becomes a blatant allegory about *drum roll* sexual abuse. It abounds in degrees of graphicness, most of which I will edit out and I'll let you know. But if that bothers you in any way shape or form I'd go on & skip these next couple of sets.

With all that, welcome to my pain once again! Last time we left Ash, he had fallen asleep...within his sleep, however that works out. Only to wake up to a strange little girl.

Meanwhile, weird shit is going on in the hospital, we transition from that and Ash is treated to the bizarre night time demeanor of his hostess. The little girl explains herself while still managing to bring more mystery, but at least Ash has a game plan now. I think...

The other reason I went back & edited was because, obviously these trials and tribulations make sense to me but it occurred that the reader is slowly losing an idea of why the hell Ash has to go through all this shit. I plan on making it much clearer. I...I really like conceits okay?

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