November 11, 2009

"Sometimes white people are annoying"

For once, I didn't even say that! This time.

OUCH girl tell em how you really feel.

So one of the girls I tutor I think I've mentioned, she's "mixed"--I'm guessing biracial but just go with mixed for now rather than make wild speculation.

Anyway, I totally blame her for that quote. She was trying to do her school work and a class mate was annoying the fuck out of both of us. EVERYONE had a case of the giggles today and I had no idea what to do because I'm rather in the dumps (this happens). Anyway, once the girl is sent to another table the brown girl told me, "I'm mixed so I hang out with black people."

"...what?" I say, thinking I didn't just hear what I heard.

The girl goes on, "I'm mixed so I can hang out with black people and sometimes white people sometimes white people are annoying."

Wow, I just witnessed an elementary school kid go hard on someone. Why couldn't I do this when I was her age?!


Okay so y'all know I co-signed right? It just came out. It really did. I'm sorry white folks but you can get mighty irritating sometimes with non-white people. I mean, you do really really irritating and frankly stupid things then wonder why we can't be friends anymore. Just sayin'.

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