November 9, 2009

Your regular NaNoWriMo goodness

Damn, a lot has happened since last week and a lot more will probably happen. Y'all lucky.

So here's some excerpts for you to rend your clothing & gnash your teeth to. This is actually three chapters stuffed into two sets, I ended up fragmenting a good deal because I wrote a lot of this while I was in a bad mood. A really bad mood. Like...bad.

Here, immediately after Ash & the dragon have a little chat, a miracle occurs. I think. I have no idea. It just healed okay?

The "that's all" is a regularly occurring feature in this story, I don't think it's always in the excerpts but it's usually when Ash is talking to an authority figure. Just one of those happy accidents and I thought I'd keep it. Fun facts! Write em down for when I get famous & shit.

And...lulz this pretty much represents how my week went last week.

Immediately after that again, Ash returns to his cell and some odd things begin to happen. This is probably the "DOES THIS LOOK FAMILIAR PAY ATTENTION" part, but other than that it's some filler and, again, I was in a fucking vile mood. I don't actually hate therapists/counselors (sometimes), I just needed this one to be sleazy for the sake of plot.

A small bonus, since I wrote A LOT (surprisingly; did I mention I've been mad?). I really needed things to move along or we would be contemplating our navels forever, so Ash is sick of it all and decides to get shit DONE, son! And reality sort of breaks down right about...there.

There's a heavy emphasis on sleep in this, I've realized, even for a story about...well, sleep. I'll tell you I've been a bit influenced by the game Yume Nikki and my own troubles sleeping--I think I'm a closet insomniac or something like that, and when I'm in the throes of depression I noticed two things: I'm either literally afraid to sleep even if I don't dream, or just not interested in sleeping. And so this story is a-drownin' in the sleeping metaphors, extensive descriptions, etc. I told y'all this shit is my life.

That'll be all for now. This has swung wildly between pretty damn good and pretty damn awful, but I'm going strong and I feel like, dear god I may actually finish this.

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