November 6, 2009

INNOVATION!: Blog changes

Sup everyone, I spruced up a bit.

So I meant to introduce these HOPEFULLY with a brand new blog layout; but reality has been kicking my ass quite a bit lately so I said fuck it and took the easy way out. So let me point out a couple of significant changes:

-I know I'm crap with font sizes and font colors, what looks pretty and readable on my screen isn't always so with everyone's computer or if you have any visual impairments. I just so happen to be near sighted myself. So rather than give you all massive eye strain, if you look over on the side bar you can now decrease & increase font sizes at will. Y'all know me, I stay genius.

It's not fancy but it's pretty simple and I think it works without making things go wacky, so try it out if you need it & let me know.

-Did I mention I'm participating in NaNoWriMo? I said that right? All over Twitter keeping word count and shit? Well now you can further taste the madness with my new widget! Look down--waaay waaaay down and there you'll see it, so now you can berate me/encourage me instantly and at your leisure!

That's about it for today everyone, stay tuned for more innovation.

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