November 18, 2009

Your Bi-Weekly NaNoWriMo Spectacular


Maybe not, but if you'll do anything for a Klondike then get ready.

Okay if this week has scared you or scarred you, first off thank you very much and second, you can come back now.

I've got three sets for you today because they're relatively short & are mostly dialogue. So Ash comes home a hero, except he's in the hospital and, oh, he's still in jail and shit. Oops pow surprise.

Next, Ash's relationship with Luke takes a turn for the creepy. I ran into a problem when I realized, with much chagrin, the most ambisexual characters in this shit are pretty much out their damn minds and that's totally not what I want to portray.

...But I kinda need them to be and it's really fun. What would you do, damnit, what would you have me do?!

Lastly, here's the debut of the infamous Bayou Ninja outfit if you hadn't heard. Ash is pumped and ready to take on his next challenge, but the real world is determined to get in the way. Like...way in the way. And some critical existence failure.

And there you have it. Why yes, these sets are rather transparent don't you think? Yes yes?

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