November 19, 2009

Oye como va, mi ritmo...

Oookay well this week got mighty ugly mighty fast. I'm pretty cracked out on calculus and hair products right now, if my hair weren't feeling so luxurious I think I might have gone mad about Tuesday. I talked about making my own leave in conditioner at some point on Twitter and I think I might do a short post on it, even though it's nothing particularly amazing.

Oh if you're curious, I'm currently as close to platinum blond as I'm going to get. It's actually not too horrible a look.

So, speaking of Tuesday I am going to tell you all about the infamous creationist debate, I promise you that. It's going to be mighty loose but you'll get the gist--it was hilarious. I'm getting caught up on emails finally and realizing that I might want to start deleting shit from last year. And if I get to participate in the Pentecostal group's protest on Harry Potter I'll tell you that too.

Yes you read that right, they're protesting Harry Potter. The other campus religious groups are like "...."

I'm dead serious when I say I just like protests (within reason).

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