November 16, 2009

Welcome back to your NaNoWriMo wackiness

Whew, it's been a while.

My classes are starting to get down to the wire and my NaNo word count is, unfortunately, beginning to catch up with me X_x; it probably doesn't help that by making all this cathartic I haven't exactly made it a joy to write.

But I've still got two more arcs to get through and by damn I'm going to get through them if I have to paint this town purple end to end. What is this SCHOOL you speak of?

So, let me catch you up, and please keep in mind the heavy elements of sexual abuse in these parts. Also if you've seen me muttering over Twitter about "kinky torture" this is it, although it transformed from "kinky" to "OH SWEET JESU THAT'S AWFUL". If that bothers you, still, again, go on & skip these.

If you think you're still with me, try this: Ash...Ash gets into trouble.

Then he's just fucked but he gets out of it fairly quickly using bad poetry and will power. To give myself some credit, at least it's intentionally bad poetry in the style of Old English. Because I really don't mind injecting random humor into shit that isn't funny at all.

And that's the end of that arc and Ash gets to go home. Or...well, he gets to go back to jail. You know, I've been switching back and forth between using "jail" and "prison" for certain the US jail and prison have specific connotations that I don't think the rest of the world has exactly...? But you can probably guess he's not really in a max security prison or anything so I guess I should try to use jail more consistently.

"Xands, no one was even thinking about that."

...I know, okay? I just like commentary.

And that's it. Just believe me when I say I really really wanted to get that arc over with so I didn't spend a lot of time with it. The next world is pretty important and even more traumatizing so we'll be there for a while. Come back Wednesday for some delicious filler/secrets revealed.

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