October 11, 2009

Michael Moore says some stuff about Obama (and it's okay)

So...last night I started twitter'ing a bit the National Equality March and Obama's address to the Human Rights Campaign and all that good stuff. If you were confused, or if you weren't, I just want everyone to know that most of what I said?

Was so sarcastic even I didn't know if I was being serious or not.

-I don't like the HRC very much for a few reasons
-Whatever G&L community
-Obama gave a great speech and I think he's back to being a strong advocate for G&L rights again, the agenda is making me dizzy
-Lady Gaga

And there's your recap.

And now, Michael Moore dispels some wisdom that you probably don't want to hear:


Last night my wife asked me if I thought I was a little too hard on Obama in my letter yesterday congratulating him on his Nobel Prize. "No, I don't think so," I replied. I thought it was important to remind him he's now conducting the two wars he's inherited. "Yeah," she said, "but to tell him, 'Now earn it!'? Give the guy a break -- this is a great day for him and for all of us."

I went back and re-read what I had written. And I listened for far too long yesterday to the right wing hate machine who did what they could to crap all over Barack's big day. Did I -- and others on the left -- do the same?

We are weary, weary of war. The trillions that will have gone to these two wars have helped to bankrupt us as a nation -- financially and morally. To think of all the good we could have done with all that money! Two months of the War in Iraq would pay for all the wells that need to be dug in the Third World for drinking water! Obama is moving too slow for most of us -- but he needs to know we are with him and we stand beside him as he attempts to turn eight years of sheer madness around. Who could do that in nine months? Superman? Thor? Mitch McConnell?

Instead of waiting to see what the president is going to do, we all need to be pro-active and push the agenda that we want to see enacted. What keeps us from forming the same local groups we put together to get out the vote last November? C'mon! We're the majority now -- the majority by a significant margin! We call the shots -- and we need to tell this wimpy Congress to get busy and do what we say -- or else.

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Take it how you want, and I mean however you want.

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