October 26, 2009

CREATION versus DARWIN Round Eleventythousand: FIGHT

Oh hell here we go again.

My campus is hosting a Creation seminar and I will link to this hot mess.

Yes, Creationism. The believe that god did indeed create the Earth & Universe & cheese just as it's said in the bible, dinosaurs don't exist and/or are in the bible etc etc junk science like that. I hate junk science. I'm not even totally sure what these folks are trying to attempt because the website makes my eyes hurt, but I do know they sell fossils for some reason.

So I took one look at this poster and it's MS Paint special effects, the title, and knew I simply had to go:

IN THE NAME OF THE MOON I will totally halt whatever I'm doing and catch AT LEAST one of these events. Yes I'm totally going to harass innocent god fearing folks learning nonsense and if I can I'll bring friends with me and we'll harass together. Yes this makes me no better than the nutty evangelists I try so hard to avoid. Well, please understand that we do have an Freethinkers association on campus and I'm wondering if they'll do audience plants too...

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