September 23, 2009

With grey desire, he looks out mad--his soft, grey, indigo eyes

Happy Celebrate Bisexuality Day! Yes, it's not enough that plain ol' gays & lesbians get a day (or several...or a month). But because some of you punk ass dead brains don't seem to be quite convinced that bisexuality is in fact real--even within the G&L community who seem to only acknowledge ANYONE when Gondor Calls for Aid--there has to be, you guessed it, a fucking day. Shit, did I make my contempt known there? I'm sorry...

I decided the best thing to celebrate this day, since...I had to go to class & I mostly slept and/or zoned out, was just exist & be queer. Oh and read this.

Now...Peter Murphy as far as I know, is not actually bisexual. I just like this song and this live video is great. People are losing their damn minds, or as I say to Danz, "IT'S TWO CHORDS N@*$@%!"

I give you, Indigo Eyes

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