September 25, 2009

Conversational journal redux: Maybe you should ask someone...

So we finally got around to the conversational journal in my Philosophy class and it was a grand discussion. I just want to pick on a few things that I didn't really get to expound on in class.

I actually spoke in class today, btw, because this interested me. Monday probably not so much because I won't care anymore.

Anyway, one thing that bugged me about the conversation is "selling body parts". For some reason it seemed the consensus of at least half the class was that virginity is apparently a body part. Now, let's not be naive, I think we KNOW what is meant by selling one's virginity...

...or DO we really? Me, I brought up the idea that virginity is more of a concept. It's true. How do we define virginity? Is it just a woman that has never had sex with a man? Or never had sex at all? Does masturbation not count? etc. I didn't say all THAT but I did throw that in. I don't know how many people really bought it.

Someone also chimed in that they didn't agree with the feminist argument (it was pretty bad) because if it was A MAN...

Right, I know, pause. First of all I didn't give much of a damn about her moral objections but I answered her with, yes, it's true, feminists would/do care about male prostitution. Or at least I would if I still took up the feminist mantle. But admit it--how many men would put their virginity up for sale on the internet KNOWING women (and/or men) would clamor over it though? And in the event that DOES happen, the main foundation of feminism is equality for everyone. So...shut the fuck up and take an intro to women's studies.

Forgive me. Also riling me up was, well, what if she catches and STD for choosing not to infringe on the man (we assume) and his right not to wear a condom? Whatever. Some girl chimed in that she wouldn't feel sorry for the hypothetical girl if she caught an STD or a case of the babehs. I yelled, "SHE DIDN'T ASK FOR YOUR SYMPATHY".

Oh this argument went nuts pretty fast. The one lone conservative voice said something about ripping the social fabric of society which Social fabric my ass, I think I even accidentally agreed to child prostitution in some way.

But PLEASE NOTE I do not support child prostitution, I really don't, and yet somehow in the context of this thought experiment...yeah. I don't know what I was thinking of either. And yes people looked at me like I'd lost it...I think I had.

That journal did actually generate some interesting conversation even if a lot of it just ran the gamut of predictability, it's always interesting to see morality break down and get reshaped.

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