September 2, 2009

Hey look, ignorance on Wife Swap

Has anyone else seen this? (saw it on The Fury)

Wow. WOW.

So here's another black mama switched over to a white family. I don't watch Wife Swab/Spit Swap/Soul Swap/Family Swap Jeopardy Showdown Fight Fight Fight or whatever it is...I kid you not, never. I get the general jist and that's actually why I don't watch it. Anyway, as far as I can tell the black mother decided to get rid of the family's junk food, which is fine.

Except for the little boy who throws a fit when his bacon is taken away. He refers to the woman as a "smart little girl" and just his general attitude towards her is fucking amazing. So...I'm wondering where he got that and if he thinks it's okay to talk like that to his mother?

Well, that and why the hell do people volunteer to do these shows anyway. They have to volunteer.

Okay, is this kid fucking serious though? I admit I like my bacon but you don't address a grown ass woman like that. I'm not even getting into the racial dynamics.

Also this is why I won't be teaching with my English degree. Now if you don't mind, I have to go cuss & do my math homework

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