September 3, 2009

And now, quotes

Because people in Facebook bring me lulz.

On healthcare:

The concept isn't hard to grasp. Its actually pretty easy. Another easy concept to grasp is that no one should every be homeless or go without food and everyone should have a couple grand in the bank. Unfortunately the money has to come from somewhere. What I don't understand is if women can tell the government to keep its hands off their body why is it wrong for me to tell the government to keep its hands off my wallet?


On the government:

...while I don't put health care as a natural right, I agree with you 100%. We have to tools to help. I just disagree on how they are proposing we get there. I still believe there are other routes that we can take before the government needs to step in. In my life I've had no reason to trust the government to do anything for me. I have no urge to politicize health care and leave it up to the whims of a different politician every 4 years. I don't trust this administration and I didn't trust the last administration. If they want to help me, they can leave me alone. If I fail, I fail.

At least I was nice about it...*shrug*

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