September 6, 2009

Complex magazine does the Misogyny Tootsie!

Now you can do it too! Do it with me everyone!

I don't think you'd all appreciate me linking to the source directly, and I'm lazy right now to do the whole copy pasta mess so here's the ONTD version:

Complex Magazine's Top 10 Flat Chested Females (for once the comments are pretty on point)

Yeeeah you read it right. They aren't playing. A list of flat chested women. Me & my small boobs take offense to this for a few reasons, some of those up to and including:

-Do we really have to go into objectification? That's worn like an old rug and pretty evident. I mean, look at the language of the list. Reducing women to body parts which are apparently not even adequate so they had to make a separate list. Holla!

-Most of the women on this list I wouldn't even consider flat chested--nay, no one but the wankers at COMPLEX would consider them flat chested. How sad that "average" is consider "flat" now.

-Actually just fuck this right off to hell. Lulz. I can't stand people deep down inside, this is why I'm mean to them daily.

I hope my fellow average sized boob women out there are feeling loved now that we have our own list to aspire to *buuuh*

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