August 4, 2009


I got this from O Hell Nawl (so apt):

Dear Hip Hop,

Affion Crocket, Nas, and Nick Cannon have something to say to you:

First off...


Second...uh, yes.

To put it shortly, I think the good news is, most of the garbage hip hop you hate that plays on the radio? Isn't all there is. It's not even the minimum of MUSIC. There actually IS good, thoughtful hip hop out there.

The bad news is...most people aren't going to go find it and that's kind of the problem. Radio would much rather play negros jiggin' for massa (Stanky Legg? Soulja Boy?) than god forbid, something actually good. Even artists that we'd consider pop probably have a deep track or five but the party anthem DRINK DEM SHAWTS is more marketable. You almost have to disguise the shit.

You could easily say it ain't even all that serious but considering the image black folks already have in media it really is. I don't think it's the music or the artist's fault--hell if you want to make a whole album about being in the club & puking on someone's shoes that's fine. It's fine to have a balance of fun & serious...if there was a balance.

After I was done gripping my sides and crying, I felt pretty bad because damn if this shit ain't correct. This isn't even a new problem, rappers have been pointing out the decline of hip hop for well over a decade now but is it improving or still moving glacial to hell?

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