July 7, 2009

You know us negroes, we love segregation

I feel like every so often I have to pause and make sure everyone reading knows I'm black. I'm not just throwing out "negro" to look all hip and trendy or ironic, nor am I saying it just because I'm black. Everyone okay? Loosen your collars.

Anyway, my reasoning for that is not the purpose of this post.

The purpose of this post is, I need more people on Twitter that won't raise my blood pressure. I actually just need more people in general.

Earlier I saw a tweet from someone I know personally talking about the UniverSOUL (or UniverSOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuu....llll) Circus. If you can't guess by the clever spelling, this is a mostly blackcentric circus. You may have seen them on HBO some years ago. First off because black folks are associated with "soul".

In any case, to paraphrase he says something about the circus "alienating" folks. I don't know who the hell the UniverSOUl circus is alienating because it's open to everyone it just features black acts. Plus, unless I've been blind all these years, dude you ain't exactly white either. So who are we alienating? Chinese people? Don't they have their own circuses? Indonesians? New Guineans? Who the fuck doesn't have their own circus act now?

I inquire about this (not in those exact terms, I was polite) and he responds back with the separate but equal thing getting on his nerves. At this point I figure one of us is tripping & he's being majorly sarcastic so I'm sarcastic right back. Well I'm actually just like that anyway but I digress.

It does crack me up when people--such as Blancura1--feel excluded from certain things involving people of color. If a circus featuring black folks as the stars is intimidating to you, there's really nothing left for you except to jump off a cliff because your kids are going to be wondering why they never get to go to see the elephants all day every day.

When people of color feel excluded from white events, usually one of us is invited as a token or we're just ignored. Or both actually, you can be an invisible token. But LAWD help the white people excluded from POC circles. I'm sorry to ruin your mini-imperialist crusade but you can't be involved with everything.

And I don't even know what was meant by the "separate but equal" considering I don't think it was US that came up with that shit in the first place. The only thing I can fathom is the fact that there has to be a need for a separate black/minority anything because Blancura hates inclusion. And anything deemed separate but equal is usually anything but (the UniverSOUL circus ain't really that great I have to admit, maybe it's gotten better). If that's the case then I most whole heartedly agree.

Note1: Blancura, Spanish, lit: "whiteness". This isn't actually a derogatory term at all far as I know, it just means...whiteness, an adjective. I'm using it (incorrectly) as noun. It's more of a joke on poor white folks becoming a minority in year 20__ and Mexicans over taking their numbers. Blancura seems to forget that the world is made to cater to them anyway and I can think of more countries with a non-white majority than you can shake two hands at.

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