July 16, 2009

Strange enough tales from the internet: WHO IS STEALING YOUR IDENTITY?!

Weird. I was trying to figure out a post earlier on my experiences with Asian culture (aka Weeaboo-ism) then I got bored & distracted and started watching the Outer Limits on Hulu. While watching the Outer Limits I went to IMDB and looked up Sam Waterston, as you do.

Then...because I don't think I can block ads on Google Chrome, it decided to BLOW MY MIIIIIIIND MAAAAAAAN.

Let me show you:

See anything weird? ...yeah I know, McCoy DOES look weird with long hair. Shit, look at his old movie roles when it was still black. He's been on Law & Order soooo long...

...wait, that wasn't what I meant. Let's ignore Sam's beautyness and take a closer look.

I love the internet. I love MS Paint. I love the internet & I love MS Paint. I think I've seen that ad before, but in light of North Korea's alleged attack on USian (and South Korean) govt sites (it's kinda what we get for having horrible cyber security) it seems...well it was probably comical before. Ironic? Sad? Set the warning level for YELLOW!

To enhance my geekness, that's the 00s "I, Robot" not the 60s. Why? Because I'm a huge Star Trek nerd. And both eps involve Leonard Nimoy in different, prominent roles.

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