July 13, 2009

Adventures in skin bleaching ep 2: Son of the skin bleaching post

In other news, fuck me Wal-Mart? No, fuck YOU.

Before I start this post, a brief disclaimer:

1) I was pretty aware of skin lightening products before I started these posts, thanks
2) I understand basic economics, I passed my high school economics class with all As
3) I also passed school in general with all As & Bs
4) Honors, did I say honors? Do you know how hard that shit was considering how totally unmotivated I was all through 10th, 11th, and 12th grade?
5) I DON'T BLAME THE FUCKING STORE. Jesus. I generally love you guys but I will cut you (out of love).

I say all that because there was some funny confusion on my first couple of posts. Funny as in "Really?" I'll try not to sound so naive this time

*brief pause* I'll leave that up in the air.

Okay? Are we all set? Then sit down and shut the fuck up as I tell you a story!

In our last episode, me & my Fearless Mother encountered, in a mostly black, well to do neighborhood, skin lightening lotions & soaps and creams in the black hair care products section of a Kroger. Never seen these before. After puzzled spitting & cussing, we took photos, laughed, I made a post, roll credits.

Well, skip ahead to last weekend. I needed shampoo & conditioner yet again. For MY hair (read: black). I decided, I needed to be somewhat thrifty as I'm no longer considered a millionaire so we went to that bastion of savings, Wal-Mart. Yeah I didn't want to either, but really fuck you, I'm broke & they have what I need.

Anyway, we went to Wal-Mart. Understand this particular Wal-Mart is in a...well, it's in an old money area. It's not exactly Vanderbilt but depending on who you ask, it's either very rich or only mildly rich. Just go on and define "rich" on your own terms but it's high bracket. I don't feel comfortable trying to give it a racial layout for you but I can say it's mostly white if barely.

So imagine my surprise, or don't, when we come across, yet again, skin bleaching products in the black hair care section. Considering where this place is, several thoughts went through my head:

Q) It's probably just for even skin tone if you have liver spots or vitiligo or something
A) But WHY is it in the black hair care section? Why not with the regular soaps & medical products and creams and such?

Q) Okay then why is this even here?
A) I have no idea

Q) I like how there's a wider selection than at Kroger
A) Because the people living here can afford this shit

Q) So no one questioned how wrong this looks?
A) Oh but it's so right. SO RIGHT.

So I present you, the evidence:

Oh it's glorious. TRULY.

Fade milk. Complexion soap. SKIN WHITENER.

If you're white, you can be *WHITER*. Why? Because it's Blancura! If you're dark, you can be...well, you can be less so. Why? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD BE ANYWAY DAMNIT. LET'S SEE YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT INEQUALITY NOW WITH YOUR NEW LITE-BRITE-NESS.

I'm sorry I got carried away with caps.

Well, I didn't get it all in that bottom shot but indeed again, these products are right next to the perms. Someone with my sense of humor is doing this, I swear. If I ever find them I don't know if I'd bitch slap them or shake their hand.

(I would probably bitch slap them)

(No I'm not saying this is all the work of one person, I'm fucking kidding)

I propose every other weekend or so, I go out and explore this sudden phenomenon of skin bleaching in my fair city. Even in the white areas. I know TN is like 20 years behind everyone else so I get to have fun at everyone's expense in this late day. No, I'm not mad anymore, I'm actually ~ecstatic~.

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