June 19, 2009

Oh that's right, blacks are gays too. Let's get them in on this!

[Begin sarcasm]

Well, after they were done shaking their fists at them ungrateful negroes, the good, kind, white G&L community of California realized something: there are, in fact, black gays that probably voted against Prop 8 too.

"Black gays and lesbians? How did we not see them before?" they wondered. The thoroughly trampled & disgusted black community attempted to remind the white G&L folks that, as usual, whiteness had trampled all over them again then proceeded to blame them when things went wrong, but the white G&L community was too busy having a revelation. A really, really late revelation.

"To get them on our side, let's reach out to them this time! Maybe, with their shared history that we keep appropriating because it's our right, they'll forget all about those nasty names we called them and help us out! I mean, they're black for god's sake!"

And so Equality California set off to recruit that rarest of all unicorns, the black gay.

[/End sarcasm]

Okay, so I was only partially serious. I just kind of feel like it today. I'm actually here to share this vid I found via Queers United because I found it touching *coughtoolittletoolate* *coughbutatleasttheytriedcough* *coughtoobadsomanygaysdidntgetthememocough* *coughjackassescough* *hack*

Let me explain:

As same-sex couples who were able to legally marry last year celebrate their one-year-anniversaries, Equality California (EQCA) and Jordan / Rustin Coalition (JRC) are together launching an education and mobilization effort on the freedom to marry in LA's African American communities. The effort includes a TV commercial, on-the-ground organizers and a dedicated field office, which will be based in South Los Angeles, a predominantly African American community.

"Jordan / Rustin Coalition is happy to partner with Equality California as we do the work to open the hearts and minds of all Californians, including those in the Black community, on the question of marriage for same-sex couples," said Ron Buckmire, JRC board president. "Our partnership includes a multi-media campaign, outreach and public education and even the nuts and bolts of staffing and supplies. I am confident that together we will see the day when full LGBT equality is restored to our state."

Well that was nice of them. My pessimism when it comes to "outreach to the black community" grows, because "outreach" is so often forced upon these groups and usually amounts to little more than a few token members (shit I am NOT bitter right now) just to go "Seeee?" but I'd be lie-tellin' if I didn't say I was glad someone's doing SOMETHING.

It's also a very heartwarming ad and touches on something else--gay adoption. Don't forget this isn't available in all states to gay couples regardless of their status, for even more transparent reasons than illegal gay marriage. Good god.

And now, le ad:

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