June 29, 2009

A conversation taken out of context

But not completely. Between me & Danz on our super cellphones.

"Once again twitter hates black folks."

"Whats up now?"

"Something about racist comments under bet tags. i dunno."


"Yeah. i'm shocked."

"Yeah. Me too."

"White racism. imagine that."


"Next they'll be blocking our vote or picketing our business."

"Pshh. Thatd never happen."

"Not in post racial america."


"Thank goodness we live in this great melting pot."

"Yes. God bless america."

"How do other countries sleep at night?"

"Theyre all jealous."

We are such cool kids. I don't actually know what happened since except for seeing Jaime Foxx doing something on my screen I took a nap on the BET Awards, but I saw this hilarity later (from Nukirk's twitter). I don't even know sometimes.

Edyt: This should also clue you in a bit, but does any more need to be said?

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