May 27, 2009

That After The Fact Prop 8 Post

Well, we received the news yesterday that Prop 8 will be upheld. In the mean time the 18,000 marriages that occurred before stand, everyone else? Fucked.

I personally slept on the news yesterday afternoon because I just knew it didn't bode well. It's been an interesting time for the G&L community & civil rights, the tide is definitely coming around even if the change isn't happening as fast as you want.

As for why I'm doing a post so late, really, my only reaction to the verdict was "....:\". And "....:\" wouldn't make a very good blog post, so I decided we'd all be better served if I did a bit of a link round up of what I read yesterday & today instead (Edit: STUPID FORMATTING ASIDE. Carry on.):

Laws, and the people who will make them.

Am I a Bad Person If I think the Prop 8 Ruling Was Correct?

A Big Victory For Equality?

We Won't Back Down - Repeal Prop 8!

California Supreme Court Rules 6-1

Analysis of Prop 8 Decision

California Love?

Schwarzenegger to uphold Prop 8, San Francisco disappointed

What about trans women and men?

If you're wondering about my own lukewarm-ish reaction, when I figure out how to explain it I probably will.

Edit: Okay, atheist paranoia is getting on my nerves now. Is that the first thing you thought of, not interracial marriages marriages?

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