May 28, 2009

_______ is the new Racism



We all have better things to do today but I just read this little blurb of a post via Deny Religion's Twitter.

Because apparently religion is the new racism.

It occurred to me, while listening to one of the many podcasts centered on atheism, that the religious just need someone to hate. In times, gladly, gone by people could openly hate other people because of race, creed, or sexual preference. Now they can only, openly, hate these groups with god’s permission. Why do they need god’s permission to hate? Because it is no longer socially expectable to do it without divine permission. Therefore religion is just a convenient lacey alter cloth, candles, and golden crucifix to through over the age-old steaming pile of hate that only gets bigger.

What do you think? Also, have you ever met a racist Atheist? I’m of the opinion that we Atheists are immune from bigotry and hate.

Oh...really? Alright, let's play:

First thing's first, religion can't be the new racism because that doesn't make any goddamn sense. The old racism never went away. You do understand that's what you're saying right, that religion is somehow replacing racism.

The other thing is, I have no idea how the author even jumped to that conclusion.

The last thing is, this is fucking dumb. I know you'd like to think atheists are all nice and rational but please believe they can be just as dumbassed as the people they claim to be against: the religious. I've seen racist atheists, I've seen sexist atheists, I've seen misogynistic atheists, I've seen bigoted atheists, I've seen homophobic atheists, I've seen atheists I'd rather cut in the face. See, being godless doesn't just suddenly lift you above society's teachings--your religious preference is only one aspect. That doesn't mean much when society still teaches us what bodies to value, what lives to value.

As you can see here by "religion is the new racism".

You know, the concept of appropriation was something I only vaguely understood before I entered the blogosphere, then suddenly I got it. During the prop 8 fiasco I saw that the black civil rights movement was the base line for _____ in the US, apparently. In fact, minority struggles in general just seem to be freely appropriated by the majority just because, with no sense of "ehhh maybe this is..."

No. No. Of course not.

See, this is why I can't hang out with anyone that even vaguely shares any of my common interests for very long because stupid shit like this happens, I get mad, then I just fly off the handle. Then again, maybe I'm just an overreactin', bitter, atheist negress yet again.

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