May 17, 2009

IDAHO 2009: One Voice, One Message, Heard Around the World

Ah, fantastic

Indeed, today is the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia (link finally nabbed from Feministe). More on that today when I've got some sleep in me of course.

Edit: And with 30 minutes to spare I'm back! (unless you're on the west coast) (or it's already monday in your country) (damn)

So I hope you all enjoyed that video and did a little sum'n sum'n to curb homophobia AND transphobia AND biphobia AND lesbophobia in your life today.

See, I had a cranky rant about that because sometimes people get it in their head that transphobia and homophobia are the same thing. They are not. Likewise, I'd really like to challenge they G&L community to do their part in curbing transphobia and to stop the stupid biphobia. Seriously, bisexuals exist, get over it nao.

In addition I challenge any gay men that think they might like not to have lesbians in their movement not to do that either.

It all sort of cross connects. I was looking at that video a bit after I posted it and noticed that it seemed pretty gay male heavy. And didn't really deal with transphobia. And I might have missed if there were any bisexuals in there because my _____ is rusty and I didn't know ______ to begin with.

So yeah there's problems, BUT. Again, I encourage you to end ALL discrimination. Break it down, get it out. It's that simple and it's that hard.

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