May 15, 2009

Any ideas?

Got this story off Twitter:

Domestic violence victim fears for her life again


MONROE, N.C. -- Fifteen years after being nearly beaten to death by her husband, Heather Thompson fears for her life once again.

The man who nearly killed her is just 14 days from walking out of prison and Thompson says she's desperate to find help. In September 1994, Thompson says Thomas Price told her she'd had her "last meal."

"From there he proceeded to beat me for about 3 1/2 hours. He punched me, kicked me, repeatedly kicked me in the head, put a belt around my head and tried to strangle me. He picked up a broom and beat me until it broke into so many pieces he couldn't use it any more.

"He had an assault rifle as well as a .22 pistol that he held directly to my head and said, 'I'm gonna blow your head off. I'm gonna bury your body out back and tell the kids that you ran away and didn't want to be their mom anymore.' And then he finally stopped the actual beating and held me at gunpoint for nearly 15 hours before he let me go to the hospital," Thompson told NewsChannel 36 in an interview Thursday night.

In 1995, Price was sentenced to 24 years in prison for assault and kidnapping. But, the threats didn't stop.

In a letter sent from prison in 1995, Price called his wife a "slut" and promised to kill Thompson and their daughters saying, "All three of you will die by my hands." Because of that letter, Thomas Price was sentenced to five more years in prison.

Now, 14 1/2 years later, Price is two weeks away from being a free man and there's nothing to stop him from showing up at the door of his ex-wife. Thompson is remarried now and has two more children.

"Right this very second I am fighting for the lives of me and my children and my husband," said Thompson.

If you have any good ideas, or any at all here is her website. Me, I'm going to try a donation as my paycheck is finally coming in *phew*


Other than that I'm kind of stumped. How do we truly stop a violent confrontation? The man has continued sending her threats while in jail & it's not a big leap of logic to say that, with those minimal restraints on his behavior, he won't come back to finish the job on her family. They don't have the resources to move. Protective custody? Maybe. A restraint order would be a joke. The only thing I can see is purchasing a weapon to defend herself, but you know how the courts feel about self defense...with a weapon *rolls eyes*

So, if you have any solutions for Price please forward them, donations will be good too.

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