May 13, 2009


In other news, I'm also here today to propose a new sexual category.

You see, most of my life I've been trying to figure out my sexuality other than that "I like teh other grrls" part. That part's taken care of. Other than that, society loves a box and hates a wall so I've never been sure to put myself on a Kinsey scale, bisexual, trikesexual, lesbian, queer, a man, or what.

Well, time and time again I find that I come back to not really caring about what sex or gender I prefer and have begun to wonder if I'm just asexual. Well, FUCK THAT (not the asexuality part) because I said, I'll just make up a new sexual category!

Ehsexual. And like Christopher Columbus I don't care who coined it first, it's mine now.

Ehsexuals include but are not limited to...ehsexuals, mehsbians, blahsexuals, hm gendered and boos (likewise, boos can be broken down into BOOOOO and booooo.)

I've expressed before how irritated I get at having to explain myself but I never figured out how to solve that. Now I have! Dear Blogger, I come out to you today as a proud mehsbian and will not hide my utter lack of feeling anymore!

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