April 20, 2009

You don't have to mean it to hate

Racist jokes aren't funny.

Transphobic jokes aren't funny.

Homophobic jokes aren't funny

Sexist jokes aren't funny.

Disability jokes aren't funny.

Are not fucking funny. And YES, I am including whites when I say "racist" because making blanket generalizations about all people isn't cool, even though this only seems to be okay when it's minorities.


I don't care if your wheelchair bound friend is laughing, that's good for him, but those jokes are not funny I don't care how mainstream they get or how many Chinese friends you have, you aren't funny fuckhead.

You don't have to mean it to be hateful.

A friend and I were discussing an old teacher--well, he's my old teacher and her current teacher. Let's call him Mr K. Mr K is a bigot and the first time he made a joke about a Nigerian student chasing zebra in Africa we ALL knew it.

But, unfortunately, like so many bigots in a position of power, we never called him out on his really racist & sexist jokes. Like...seriously they were so obvious and if we didn't laugh we just didn't have a sense of humor.

Well turns out the basta--er, I mean Mr K is still making his little hateful jokes and students are still laughing along with him I guess. Unfortunately, aside from being totally clueless he's a pretty nice guy and I think that factors in to not calling him out on his fucking dumbness. Plenty of people like him, my friend included. She defends him.

The conversation goes more or less with me spitting vitriol towards Mr K and my friend reminding me that he's a nice person and probably doesn't mean it.

My example was, "I don't hate mentally challenged people but when I say 'retard' I might as well."

When you jokingly call your black best friend "nigger" or "nig-gah", you might as well hate them.

When you make women's rights jokes with your friends or call them little girls or "one of the guys", you might as well hate all women.

You can be the most innocent person and the world, but your WORDS are hateful. You were probably intending to be funny but you came off as hateful.

And yes, if it makes you feel better, when I make cracka jokes I might as well just hate all white people. I guess. Not really on the same level but there's been a surge in "WHAT ABOUT TEH WHITE PEOPLE?!" lately that just totally misses the point of trying to uplift the minority.


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