April 22, 2009

Miley Cyrus = Supports Marriage Equality, Xands = Could Give a Fuck

Eh, via Queers United I found out that allegedly Miley Cyrus now supports marriage equality. Sigh. Well call me a bitter negress but after Miss Cyrus' little slanty-eyed stunt AND her dumb ass fauxpology I'm not quite ready to drop down to the altar of Hannah Montana.

When I express these concerns in the comments, naturally the first two reactions are for me to "get over it" and "she's just a kid" and some other bullshit I didn't read that deep into.

Okay, I used the phrase "Chink Eye" and that was wrong and overly snarky for that. I apologize. But, call me a bitter negress, I'll be damned if I'm going to bend over for every person that supports marriage goddamn equality. Plenty of celebrities support marriage equality and I could give a fuck bout some Miley Cyrus. Plenty of PEOPLE support marriage equality. We still only have it in 4 states I think the count is now *blink blink*

I'm sorry, but just because you support gay marriage you don't just mysteriously get absolved of shit. I'm not even actually mad at Miley anymore, just deeply amused that I'm supposed to be all YAY because she supports gay marriage but apparently failed Racism 101.

I know, silly minorities overreacting again.

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