April 18, 2009

What makes a Xands?

I was having one of those shower thoughts a while back and reflecting on the pen name I've been going under for a while now--that'd be me, Xands. I've gone under a number of things which is why I'm so elusive on the net, but for some reason any variation of Xands/Xanthe (which is greek for yellow, I just like it, no deep meaning there) seems to stick.

So you probably haven't troubled yourself to read, I believe, my very post on this blog (and I wouldn't) in which I explain my name because I get asked about it a good deal. What, exactly, is a Xands, besides a me?

Well, let me tell you and this will probably make it easier to spot me hatin' on youtube or your blog or something. I realized why this particular name has stuck so well is because every word of it has a real, sort of personal meaning to me.

Get ready, it's going to get dizzying.

TR Xands - the TR is really just to separate me from those other Xandses, I know you've met like 10

T- Tiziano-> Titian, as in the painter whom I've admired-> Titus, a latin praenomen, a title of honor

R- Renatus, meaning rebirth

Xands (it's actually khsands, I know you've been saying it wrong) - Alexandros -> Alexander, defending men

Got all that?

So, what's the significance of any of that? Well, to take it from the top, I really admired Titian's bold, dramatic, colorful works when I was going through my Renaissance Art Is The Shit 4eva phase really badly, so when I started crafting this Latin-ish name for myself, I started with that. Titian isn't Latin, it's the English translation of his real name, Tiziano, which so happens to be the Italian form of Titus. Excellent!

Following the Roman naming convention, I chose a second name. Renatus seemed to work out well, again, Renaissance influence and it's meaning.

Alexandros (I hardly ever go by AlexandER) was a little tricky and I'm not totally sure why I chose it. In this case, "defending men" is just that, but I take it as more "defending MAN" as in mankind. It's a little unfortunate now but it still works.

"Xands, you hate people...?" Well thanks for reminding me spoilsport, but I think, what I want to do most in life, and what I can do, in any way, is to help. I do not necessarily want my name all over the history books but let's say I don't want to die with a bitter cry or a whimper. If I should get hit by a car tomorrow trying to cross the street, as I'm often nearly wont to do, I would like to leave some tiny impact that isn't wholly negative. I want to help other people, maybe indirectly maybe directly, because I feel like it helps me. I want to be that defense.

...I mean, I do want gold and glory and shit, but the above will do okay too, especially considering the whole hit by a car scenario. See, am I the only one that ponders that like regularly?

In any case, there you go, now I've taken away the mystique yet again! I go by Xands or TR, mostly now, because it's usually more gender neutral and it's really short. No shit, for the longest time I went by Renatus Alexandros entirely because it was awesome, but you don't have to worry about that babehs.

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