March 19, 2009

Spurious Hair Purchase: Black Earth Products

Part of my semi-transition to natural hair, which, if you remember from waaay back in August (I do not), pretty much involved me just cutting off my damaged hair and carrying on--

Part of that was, I said to myself, "Self", I says, "we're not going to use all those stupid 'black hair care' products Target tries to pan off to us for 20 dollars. No more olive oil organic no lye super blow out kits!"

And so far I've been pretty good about using less stupid stuff and keeping it real simple. I haven't really switched over to totally organic & natural products, but I've kept me afro up pretty well. And as a reward (kinda) it's grown thicker and longer wilder *swish swish* I also desperately need a haircut like WHOA.

So...basically because I don't trust many people to know what the fuck to do with my fro, it's imperative I figure out how to take care of it, and I think I'm going to slowly make the change more drastically (yes that's what I said) over to natural products that will make it less Brillo Pad-tastic.

I started using Talia Waajid's healing hair oil because my scalp had been itchier than usual and me thinks I'd bout scratched it up something fierce, so that's been helping. Only, I think it's actually more useful as a hot oil treatment and since I do not/can not heat dry my hair it's not AS effective as it could be, except in not making my scalp so damn irate.

So, since I'm still pretty happy with the product, me thinks I'm going to go for the rest of the shampoo & conditioner line. It looks pretty nice. I'm not totally feeling the herbal cleanser since I don't like putting in that much damn effort, but I think I'll come out better buying the whole set then just getting the shampoo & conditioner separately.

I've also decided that since my hair is so porous, I need to stop dying it with semi/demi permanent dye. It's still freaking PURPLE on the top. I want a new color already! In the meantime I'm trying to convince my buddy to dye hers blue.

Visas, ready!

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