March 2, 2009

Jeepers peepers, where'd you get those creepers...

I've been on a bit of a writing drain (T_T) and Danz has me reading the Watchmen, so while I'm contemplating the mysteries of life I thought I'd do a shoe post.

Damnit, I told y'all I was a punk and I meant it. I prefer to be discreet but when I do dress up, for some reason I lean towards laid back rivethead. I guess it's just the music I listen to and my own personal nature that I'm able to combine bleak military fashion with...Capri pants. I'm DIFFERENT.

So last month I indulged myself in a pair of shoes and went completely broke on them *cough* I bought a nice pair of creepers! I'm just so ready for new shoes, damnit.

Yeah, I ordered them last month and they're JUST getting here ~_~ *grumble* but it's okay. They were worth it, I think. What a practical and comfortable shoe! Mine are solid black, both of them (ugh the white ones reminded me of Pee Wee Herman). I might have to break them in a while with no shoes maybe...that's kind of the problem with non-leather (as in fake leather), they take a while--for me at least since my feet are wide--to accommodate, if you will. But it feels like they'll be really comfortable when I do get around to walking in them enough :'D I was worried because they DID look a little narrow, but they're a size 10 so that should be more than enough room. Because I ain't sendin this shit back.

These soles are about 2 inches high I think. I like them already! I love Demonia brand so they'll hopefully last me a while, I know my poor long suffering boots are still here after, what, 3 years? Awesome.

See, it's not aesthetic folks, it's prac-ti-cal-i-ty!


  1. Nice shoes! They look really cool.

  2. Thanks Chally :D they fit really good too! And now I tower above most of my friends *bwahahahaaaa*


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