March 5, 2009

Happy bloggiversary to meee~

One year ago today, I started blogging about what my nom de plume/guerre means (note: it does not mean rabbit). Then about how much I hate and love National Geographic.

Then I decided this would just be a place to store my writings/art ideas/more "radical" (buuuhahaha) notions to keep them away from my sensitive Livejournal crowd. When that didn't work and shit blew up anyway, I shut that place down and started aaaalll over again with you good people.

Fortunately, nothing has quite blown up here, but I've also completely lost my taste for debate/humanity/internet. I think the two are connected.

It's amazing how much can change in a year. I: graduated school, went back to school, realized once again school ain't shit, fought patriarchy/kyriarchy, lost against it, tried again, fought racism, fought ignorance, pushed my tolerance level into the negative numbers, lived & learned, lived & died, died, nearly took a bullet, found out livin' ain't shit but neither is dying, rehashed some painful memories, freaked out in an elevator, realized the world ain't shit, considered being less pessimistic, turned neutral, gained friends, lost friends, stopped caring about friends, learned to do surgery on myself using manicure tools, gained a small following, lost a small following, partially gained back following, realized shit happens occasionally


all the while I more or less blogged about it. Proving that once again freedom of speech does work when we want it to, and only one way, and I thank you all for sharing more or less of my year's journey, however the hell long you've been hanging around outside the door. And for partaking in my special brand of lovin'. It's tough lovin'. Real tough. Almost...hate lovin'.

I was going to get you guys ice cream but the ice cream I get turned out to be bootlegged and won't freeze for shit, and we can't have bootlegged things ice cream. BUT! You get my undying love?

Happy bloggiversary toooo meee~ and many mooore Yippee.

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