March 3, 2009

Early bloggiversary to meeee~

Yaaay *cake*


My bloggiversary, mucho talked about but seldom seen, is March 5. Which I believe so happens to be International Women's Day. Whoops, turns out it's the 8th of March. I can't count it seems, my point still stands. We'll just celebrate that instead :D Cake is cake on any day.

Oh, hey, check it out. An early gift--comments are now being brought to you by DISQUS. I was going to go with Intense Debate, already having an account on it and all, but apparently ID doesn't support Blogger Classic, which I'm on, which is petty. Oh well, DISQUS was me second choice.

Why am I so inconveniencing you all? Because I HATE Blogger's comment system. It's so impersonal D:< and weird...I can't respond to you all so my funny replies get lost in space unless you habitually check individual blog entries like I do. But I don't have a life and I'm suspecting you all do. I've been annoyed with it since I started blogging but I didn't do anything because I had no idea about(warning: scientific language) third party commenting system thingies. But now I can!

So, fear not, you can still drop me knowledge & shite. I've got it set up, for now, where you can just leave me a comment, maybe your URL, and go on your merry way. No filters or anything, I'd much rather just drag you into that big Back Room with the padded walls and Master Lock *pause* pleeeease sure to try it out. You can still leave comments on older posts in the regular Blogger-way if you click the title of the post. I lied, just continue hitting the comments link. I'd try it myself but Blogger is doing that thing where my entries just randomly vanish *rolls eyes* So definitely give it a go and tell me what you think.

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