February 15, 2009

Stealth Mode, go go go!


I think I should mention that if you go to the bottom of my page, again--that is, if you've never made it to the bottom of my blog before--you'll see that I have a Feedjit map! Like the Feedjit live feed thing that shows you when people come on to or leave your blog, except a map. It's on all the awesome blogs now but no one has the map. I'm different!

There's a few reasons I have the map instead of the live feed thing, the foremost being that it totally clashed with my layout in terms of size. The regular feed just looked all awkward and shit. The map's smaller and does more of the same except I can't see search terms if you're popping in from google or something, and I can't see you come on/leave like the real time feed. Also, I tend to hit my own blog a lot which would have shown up on the real feed. Not on the map, just "Johnson City TN". No mention of how obsessively I comb over for broken links and what not, or doing posts even though I use ScribeFire. Fwah :D

Whew. Look at that map too. We've got quite the diverse array of stumblers from all over! I noticed a couple of folks seem to be trickling in from some of my older, less Fuck The World-centric posts *nuzzles a cuttlefish* which makes me wonder what exactly they're googling, but oh well. Whatever draws em in I guess. *face gets sucked off by aforementioned cuttlefish* !!!!!

The no search terms thing is one downside of the map, but also it's kinda creepy...it's the Google map so if I zoom in enough I can more or less see where you live. Don't worry though, believe me when I say I barely have the means to get myself off campus, let alone worry about where someone half across the country lives. You're not getting any freaky letters in the mail, either, again stamps cost money and I have none to spare. If I did I'd be eating right now. Hmm, but on the other hand this means other people can also see--not that they'll be getting your house address though.

So yeah that's what's fun today. I'm kinda playing around with it seeing if I even want to keep it there or not, which is why it's at the bottom of the page and not the Illustrious Sidebar. I care not so much about the stats, really, but more about the promotion it gives.

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