February 20, 2009

Libruls vs Conservatives Take 1

I have my own thoughts about this, but my boss/buddy/bro Danz is leaving to go do good, good things in At-lanna (*whiiine*) and he's off doing his rugby thing, I suppose, and I thought I'd give him some pimpitization for his efforts. Today he's going to tell us how he really feels about this Liberal/Conservative spiel.

No. You know what, fuck you, whoever put those up, and fuck anyone who approved those flyers. This is what's wrong with the country. When you create two groups of right and wrong and you call either side Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican, Communist or Fascist. This is not a Conservative or Liberal issue. This is both sides trying to polarize public opinion by either ignoring or manipulating the meanings of words. Obama is a Communist, Ronald Reagan is the Devil, Bill Ayers is a terrorist, George Bush doesn't care about black people (well, the jury's still out on that one). See how that works? You use connotations, rather than definitions, of words in order to manipulate emotions, not stimulate cognition. And nobody can win an argument with someone who isn't speaking the same language as you. That's how I feel every day.

It's a joke. It's one big joke that's being played on us all. And there's nothing we can do about it, because the second we fall to one side or the other, we're stuck there, and the second we realize that there really are no sides, we're immobilized as well. I mean, I don't know if I can vote on anything. This system of government forces us to choose between two sides and it's unfair to the nation as a whole.

First off, I do not threaten him to post, I coerce. Secondly, I actually do support acts of non violent vandalism against stupid be it left or right leaning.

...unless you're going to vandalize my blog, please don't do that.

In all seriousness I appreciate his taking time out of his busy li--*descends into laughing* um, I appreciate him taking the time to make this post and fight the good fight. Even if his means are a little...questionable.

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