February 20, 2009

For once you can tell me what to doooo

So, this issue is a few weeks in the making but I still can't decide. Basically last week (I think it was last week, god) I discovered that, indeed, the reason I've been getting so many emails from the NetRight (a conservative blog directory far as I can tell) is because they've somehow added my blog to their site. And emails from Americans for a Limited Govt. Fortunately these all go to my spam folder now so I basically never see them, but...

I know for sure NetRight has linked my blog. Because, I'm assuming, I live in Tennessee, and a particularly red part at that. Now, I browsed the site and realized they have linked quite a few either non-political blogs or admittedly liberal blogs, which led me to the conclusion that these fools don't know what their doing.

The thing is, seriously, my blog is not political guys. Of course I talk about politics in my own way--that is, usually comparing it to Mortal Kombat--but politics is only one facet of my blog. Politics frankly make me rather angry. And...oh there's the issue that I'm bout as far from conservative as one can be without being a rabid librul?

(I don't hate liberals btw, I's just playin)

My problem is this. Of course I don't know how to let shit go, but frankly I was willing to let this slide. Unfortunately I haven't gotten any hatemail or ignorant righty-right comments because, I'm assuming, you can look at my damn blog NAME and surmise that this probably isn't the most serious place (which I guess kind of defeats my purpose sometimes but it's me). Even the URL is self defeating. And browsing through my tags one time or my recent posts is probably a good tip off that yeah I don't give much of a fuck.

So, they're not even serving me hatemail, just spam letters I rarely see. But on the other hand, I really, really resent being associated with the "Omg Obama's a nazi! He's a socialist! He's a nazi AND a socialist!" crowd that sadly my fellow Tennesseans so ignorantly fall into.

So...there's the crisis. Should I email these idjits and see if I can get something done, or save my blood pressure for another day? Hmm.

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