February 5, 2009

I led the blind...sort of?

Um, in my anthropology class we watched a film. Which, in a way, seems like a dumbish move because we have one blind student (with hearing problems I think) and one deaf student. I mean, there are like 70+ folks in the class and just two with impairments so I guess majority rules.

Then, I was sitting...adjacent to them. Behind the blind student and next to the deaf student. Deaf student has a translator & I think he can lip read. Blind student...never would know he's blind.

So...when the movie played, I was asked to translate the images onto the screen. This was awkward because as you all know, I like to talk. I like to talk in vivid detail. And dude found this out, teacher told me to cut back on descriptions because there was a narration. So I said sure, and instead of 10 words a second I cut down to 8.

You know, it was rather a learning experience trying to figure out where to let his...imagination take hold and where to start talking again. I had no idea what to do. I mean, he's blind, not deaf & dumb. Plus I had to think about the people sitting around us, I didn't want to fuck with their perception of the movie. Then I had to read translations and...describe dancing...and there was going to be a quiz on this. Shit! I don't want him to fail because I'm super inept ;_;

After I got into some sort of rhythm with describing what's on the screen, I think in the end we were both very amused. I think I got all the important bits down and the narration was pretty clear.

Man, between teaching kids with super-ADD and helping out the disabled, college has been ever so interesting.

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