February 8, 2009

Good news everyone!: Search it ya damn self.

Okay folks, look over to our wonderful side column over there and you'll notice that I've added a search feature.

I actually added it for my own benefit--I don't mind if you use it too, though. Unfortunately I'm a lazy bastard an awful lot and sometimes I just don't like to tag entries. Tags are good because they make stuff easier to find but I obviously hate you guys and myself.

But I had a random revelation and decided to stop self-hating and tack on a search feature. It works pretty well. I was mad at the fact that I wasn't able to find certain entries quickly--shit I KNOW I've written about but either didn't tag or tagged incorrectly or just can't find for whatever reason.

Whatever. I don't need to explain jack shit, just know that it's there. Also, my nose is bleeding again. This really is not what's up y'all.

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