February 2, 2009

Black Boy, and other such things

Well the weather outside is garbage...

Yes it is. How the fuck does it go from drizzling rain to blizzarding snow? If weather were a physical entity I'd tell it to go fuck itself. Right in its FACE. Damnit.

*puts rubber nipple on tea bottle and sucks*

So, for my African American History class, I have to do an oral report and a book report. I more or less volunteered to do Richard Wright's autobiography Black Boy. Wright also wrote Native Son if you're wondering why that name sounds so familiar. She told me what it was about--my teacher that is--but I think she got a couple of books mixed up...well that's good because I didn't get anything spoiled. My oral report is on Jacob Lawrence, whom I'm quite familiar with :D

I swear I will go through legit means to procure the novel I need. On the other hand, I need to find a way to watch this VHS tape that my professora so graciously gave me...um...I don't have a VCR...I need to borrow a campus TV, yeah.

Um, anyway. Since work is totally out of the question today I feel like making a dent in my long-neglected list of cult films/cinema obscuro. I think Incubus and Salo traumatized me so much I haven't been back. But I've mustered my gonads and I feel like some Asian cinema...if I don't come back in 5 hours call my parents.

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