September 23, 2008


So...I watched it, obviously.

Wow. Let me tell you, not a bad movie. Flawed--the Esperatalian not being the least--but in all really good! Until the credits. When was the last time you saw a movie drop off at the credits? THE CREDITS?

Anyway, a more in depth summary...there's a mythical Deer Well on the mysterious island we're on that's supposed to be a sort of Fountain of Youth: it either makes you young again or makes you beautiful. Whatever. So naturally the vain, greedy, whatever corrupt souls come to this well, which is also a breeding ground for evil succubus that lure them to the sea to drown. I made that up a little.

Enter our heroine evilette Kia, who after drowning a random dude decides she's tired of the easy pickin's around here and wants to capture a noble soul for Satan. Her sister Amael warns against it but Kia is young and fancy-free and sets her sights on Marco, played by William Shatner in a role that surely brought the paycheck in that week.

Marco, rockin' his velvet sweatshirt and not sweating an inch in the sun, is a wounded war hero who has faced death with courage the movie says. He and his sister Arndis--who I swear has the hots for him--live in a shack. Kia mysteriously drops by and an eclipse passes overhead, inexplicably & randomly rendering Arndis blind. In the meantime after the eclipse passes, Marco & Kia flee to the woods where Kia tries to drown his ass, but the Shatner Charm overwhelms her and they just end up fucking.

Kia, outraged that she was tenderly made love to (no, seriously, she's mad), runs back to her sister. Also outraged at this act of love (wtf?), the two of them summon the titular demon Incubus who comes to make havoc of Marco's life.


That's about it. Like I said, pretty good short movie, if you're used to seeing the Infallible...James...T...Kirk it'd probably be a surprise. Hidden secret, Shatner can actually act. The b&w was pretty crisp too, kinda Bergman-esque, and there were some...unique angles going on that shows the director was at least trying. The story itself, in essence, is kinda "okay" but the performances made it work I thought.

Here's some other assorted caps I took to give you a feel for what I sat through...or laid rather.

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