January 18, 2009

Zap you some ramen

I need to mention, because I'm so happy, that I got a crock pot for Christmas. So now I can serve me up some actual food! Not just zapping ramen in the microwave... ~_~ or at the very least, I can make different kinds now. Heck yes!

Hmm...other than culinary joys...pfft, I'm bored. It's Sunday, this time last semester I'd be still asleep and fasting my ass off (quite literally).

Oh, I feel like a dick, I just learned late last night that it was Michelle Obama the Clever And Good Looking's birthday. I need to keep up dude. This video is horribly voyeuristic and part of me feels just wrong for staring at it, but the other part squeals in delight as she gets on down with her children. Gon 'head.

Man, I need to vacuum. My room mate I have to say left a bit of a mess on her side, not that mine is fresh & clean. Ugh, the whole room is jacked. There's dust bunnies of immeasurable size under both our beds and I've gone crazy with the extra space and just thrown my junk everywhere.

I do take some sadistic joy in learning that my previous room mate is, apparently, deeply hated by her current room mate (whom I also know) even though at the beginning of the year they were best friends. In fact all the shenanigans & ruckus I've heard about her since...I dunno, October have been delightfully bitchy and cruel.

Oh, it seems Danzy is having some trouble with his punk ass room mate and said room mate's even more whack ass friends. He should blog about it *hint hint* so we can all laugh *hint hint* at what privileged white folks do in the company of other privileged white folks *HINT HINT*

Satan is indeed a liar...I have a vague atheism post coming up this evening. Why did I write this one? Why am I up so early? Questions, they don't have answers.

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